700 Acres Information - Elysium Lodge

Firstly we wish to apologies for any works in progress.

  • When you leave the Lodge please leave the premises as you have found them when you arrived.
  • Please do not take the linen from the beds and dump in laundry.As water is an issue here and not all the laundry is processed here on the farm…………We have a system.
  • Please do not waste water and limit the time in our shower as due to the dry weather we are buying in truckloads of water.
  • Bush walks are encouraged by following the 4WD roads on our property.
  • Please do not enter any other buildings on the property without permission.
  • Fire-pit is available in calm weather only and no raging fires are permitted. You are welcome to collect your own firewood from the bush—no cutting down of trees or burning of fence posts.
  • On vacating the premises please place rubbish from the kitchen and bathroom in the green wheelie bin located in the carport area.
  • If you could also send us a text to say your are leaving we would be very grateful.

Rules for Pets

  • We love to run and play but make sure I do not chase the native animals, sheep, donkeys or the 3 cats which are resident here.
  • We don’t have a toilet like yourselves so please bag and bin it if I decide to leave my waste near and around the lodge so you don’t put your foot in it.
  • Please make sure I do not chew the furniture ordamage the Lodge in anyway. Maybe put down a blanket for me before I run all over the beds and lounge.
  • As we have campers down the back from time to time I might like to back at their dogs that are visiting and that’s OK just make sure I am quiet at night.

Thank you and Enjoy your stay